Bitch, Issue 60: Gray (Fall 2013)

Bitch, Issue 60: Gray (Fall 2013)

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 2:00220792

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bitch, Issue 60: Gray (Fall 2013)

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 2:00220792

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Black lists, "gray" rape, whitewashing! Plus: Cyborgs!

Letter from the HQ

Letters & Comments

Love It/Shove It

The Bitch List

||| On Screen—After Tiller explores the front lines of late-term abortion providers

||| On Activism—The history of anti-abuse activism in BDSM

||| On the Shelves—The new, gendered world of adult-incontinence products

::: Laughing It Off—What happens when women tell rape jokes?

::: Helen Thomas, Off the Record—A few opinions from the First Lady of the Press

::: Gray Matters—How rape in pop culture became a matter of opinion

::: Roy G. Biz—The many colors of corporate co-option

::: Commodity Brokers—The sweet and lowdown on the phenomenon of sugar dating

\\\ What Greater Gift—Alice Walker's legacy continues to bloom

\\\ Back in Black—Can Hollywood's new Black List change the industry?

\\\ Mobilizing the Bass—Women in global bass are creating new spaces in the dance floor
The Back Page

Adventures in Feministory Comics: Donna Haraway by Kinoko

Pulp Surrealism: Insolent Popular Culture in Early Twentieth-Century Paris

American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade, Volumes 1-4

The Philosophy of Pornography: Contemporary Perspectives

Coffee Life in Japan (California Studies in Food and Culture, Volume 36)
















Sarah Gilbert Jonathan Mills Ginger Smith Roya Amirsoleymani Shannon Brenner Coriana Constanda Erica Durante Meghan Gillespie Sourabh Mishra Matt Smith Colleen Ammerman Michelle Bresnahan Caitlin Constantine Lisa Durnian Carly Gillis Joshua Mitchell Jodi Solomon Nicole Amon Mina Bressler Beau Conway Sarah Edell Maria Gilmore Kirsten Mitchell Jay Sorensen Brooke Andregic Rose Patryce Britton Taryn Cooksey Joni Edelman Noemi Giszpenc Grainne Wood As a nonprofit

songs remind me of what someone on Twitter said about Brad Paisely’s egregious “Accidental Racist” song—it’s a great listen as long as you don’t understand English. But the point is that when we’re watching, reading about, or singing blithely along with the idea that consent is an abstract concept, we’re buttressing rape culture. The three very different pieces addressing sexual assault in this issue are all important reminders of how contemporary pop culture and consent interact. In “Gray

into an effective network of saboteurs and couriers. Editor Kathryn J. Atwood includes chapter introductions with much needed context for readers not familiar with the French Resistance. She states that Code Name Pauline is for “young adults.” But unless your “young adult” is familiar with World War II and the Holocaust, she might not appreciate the true peril of Nazi occupation, as Hitler’s horrors are only hinted at in a single sentence. The book might be more for World War II history buffs

FOLLOW UP WITH: Fessler’s 2007 nonfiction book, The Girls Who Went Away. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER Director: Brea Grant {Storyteller Films} FARAH GOES BANG Director: Meera Menon {Farah Goes Bang, llc} Road-trip movies are usually the domain of men: two buddies, a handful of addled adventures and quirky subplots, and an inevitable catharsis before the credits roll. Not many feature women. But now, two new films focusing on female friendships and growth—Best Friends Forever and Farah Goes Bang—can

“Pan-Latin-to-the-Future” dance party—the city’s most energetic dancers were out in their bright and sparkling party best and ready to get down. The Tropicalia basement was a runway of friends and supporters that the Maracuyeah crew, led by DJ Mafe and DJ Rat, had made in their short time on the D.C. party circuit. Throughout the night, happy and sweaty partygoers made their way behind the booth for hugs and high-fives. “It was great. It was people who get what we’re doing, so they’ll go all over

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